MOONY Nappies, NewBorn up to 5kg
Moony for NewBorn (0-5 kg)
MOONY Nappies, Small 4-8kg
Moony S (4-8 kg)
MOONY Nappies, Medium 6-11kg
Moony M (6-11kg)
MOONY Nappies, Large 9-14kg
Moony L (9-14 kg)
MOONY Nappies, Large 9-14kg
Moony L (9-14 kg)
MOONY Boys Pants, Large 9-14kg
Moony boys Pants L (9-14kg)
MOONY Girls Pants, Large 9-14kg
Moony girls Pants L (9-14 kg)
MOONY Boys Pants, PBL 12-17kg
Moony boys Pants BL (12-17 kg)
MOONY Girls Pants, PBL 12-17kg
Moony girls Pants BL (12-17 kg)

Every parent that’s made the switch to baby nappies Moony has been overwhelmingly pleased with the decision and vows never go to back to the grocery store versions that leave their babes with diaper rash, leak like crazy, and generally make life a little bit more difficult than it needs to be. Instead, they swear by the amazing design of Moony nappies, the high quality materials used to make them, and the incredible fit that leaves their babies comfortable and happy.

Moony diapers are constructed from organic fibers and feature a smart design that fits snugly against your baby’s bottom without being bulky, offering fully freedom of movement while providing protection against leakage. Thanks to the unique design of Moony Japanese diapers it’s possible for your baby to fill one completely and still not feel the moisture against his skin, leaving him comfortable and free from the pain of diaper rash. This leads to sleeping through the night much sooner than for babies on grocery store brand diapers.

Parents that want the best for their children use baby nappies Moony and do so happily. The vast majority of people that make the switch never go back again because a Moony nappy is so much better and genuinely makes their lives easier. Parents that switch get to sleep longer and more peacefully, their children don’t suffer from diaper rash, and they feel so much better knowing that they’ve made a great decision. For years the people of Japan have known that Moony Japanese diapers were right for them and now the rest of the world can discover that too.

Moony nappies can be shipped anywhere, so start with a small package to see if they’re for you. You’ll find the Moony newborn diapers (or pants for kids that are a little older) easy to put on, durable to the wear and tear that happens, and so soft you might just want to rub your fingers over them for a little before putting them on your baby. It’s a decision you won’t regret as you simply don’t find diapers as high quality as baby nappies Moony.