Diapers or Pants Diapers – what to choose?

To make a long story short we are going to give you some reasons what is appropriate for whom!

Tape Diapers:

  • Diapers are perfect solution for new-born babies who start to explore the world around them!
  • If the baby is calm and prefers quiet lifestyle, then tape diapers are thought exactly for him or her!
  • If the baby is small, it is more convenient to change the tape diaper than the pants diapers, keeping your baby clean!
  • You can regulate the tightness of tapes yourself!

Pants Diapers:

  • Pants Diapers are considered as an essential part of the baby who already starts crawling!
  • Pants diapers help babies to be independent and free!
  • Choosing pants diapers for your baby, you will forget for such problems as slipping down of the diaper and rubbing of the tapes!

Finally, the choice is up to you! Tape diapers are better for smaller babies, pants diapers are more convenient for older babies! Try both – you won’t regret!

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