Five Reasons You Should Try Merries Nappies.

Shopping for nappies seems like an easy task until you get to the store and you’re faced with a wealth of choices and you suddenly realize this is something your baby is going to be wearing for most of his day. If you make the wrong choice you might make his young life miserable. Here are five reasons you should give Merries nappies a try:


  1. They’re Soft and Comfortable for Your Baby.


Your baby’s skin rests against the softest cotton possible and keeps him comfortable throughout the day, even if he’s gone pee and you haven’t had a chance to change the nappy yet. Merries made an effort to design extra soft material for their nappies because they know it can make an enormous difference in your child’s happiness level.


  1. The Diaper Tells You When It Needs to Be Changed.


Instead of feeling and weighing the diaper or peeling it off to see if your baby has filled it, Merries nappies come with an indicator strip that tells you when it needs to be changed. There are three levels and when it reaches the third it absolutely has to come off or you’re risking spillage.


  1. Your Baby Feels Dry All Day.


Even if he’s peed in his nappy the dual channel design ensures there’s a layer of soft material between his skin and the pee the nappy is holding. That means he gets to feel comfortable even if you don’t have a chance to change him right away.


  1. Leakage is a Thing of the Past.


Thanks to a deepened pocket in the rear of the nappy, leakage is not something you’ll have to deal with. If you’re on the road and he pees you can safely wait until you get home because it will collect in the pocket and be kept safely away from his skin to prevent irritation.


  1. A Better Fit Means Greater Freedom to Move.


Nappies are usually thick and clunky and they can actually impede your baby’s ability to get around and feel comfortable. Merries took great care to design a better-fitting nappy that allows for easy movement and maximizes comfort. It’s not quite like a pair of underwear, but it’s a lot closer!

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