Japanese diapers – best for babies!

Babies are the most important in our life. From the very beginning of their life, we try to care for them as much as we can, always worrying when our precious baby does not feel comfortable.

It seems that almost every new mother faces such problems as dermatitis, irritattion on tender baby’s skin or reddening because of the poor quality of the materials diapers made from. Diaper rash requires special care about baby’s skin because it provokes discomfort and pain feelings. Consequently, your baby cannot be active, cannot sleep soundly and becomes fussy.

Nowadays, mothers are calm because Japanese diapers are on the map all over the world!

Moony and Merries are the most popular representatives of Japanese diapers. They are different. They are special.Probably, you would ask – why? Moone and Merries diapers are made in Japan by applying innovative technologies, which have been developed by incorporations specialized on beauty and health.

Babies are divinity in Japan! So, Japanese scientists apply the newest technologies to produce highly-qualified goods for babies.

Our company imports Merries and Moony diapers from Japan, ensuring the quality and originality.




Japanese diapers are made from natural components – cotton and cellulose, therefore they do not provoke allergic reactions. Moreover, special technology allows the skin to breathe and always stay dry!

Japanese diapers have a special filler with high absorbency, which does not lump and become heavy during long-term use. Also, tender skin of your baby is protected from irritation and diaper rash by a special internal surface of the diaper that is sodden with E vitamin.

Japanese diapers are developed basing on the anatomical and physiological peculiarities of the baby. For instance, new-born babies are not so active as older babies, but more pee and poo are produced by them in comparison with older babies. That’s why pants diapers are introduced for older babies. Thus, every tiny detail is elaborated in Japanese diapers!

Let us sum up all the advantages of Japanese diapers one more time.

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