What is necessary to get used to new parents.

After giving birth, lifestyle and attitude of new parents undergo significant changes. No book about raising children will not be able to prepare them for the fact that the needs and desires must now subdue someone else – will always continue to benefit the child. Moreover, in the lives of parents, new realities, which still need to get used to.e1c16a1a0b78bc9600389e91487e9a69

1. Changing diapers

Not all parents feel joy when changing a diaper your baby. And the contents of the diaper, similar to the mustard and certainly not smelling flowers, not everyone is ready.


2. Yes, and in a public place is not always convenient to change the baby diaper

Sometimes it is easier to change a diaper in the car


3. Confusion

Children are constantly making a mess and dirty. You’ll quickly realize that the child is not necessary to wear the white stuff.


4. Do not spam social networks baby pictures

Every day you will have all the photos of your baby, and you want to show the world as each of them would have to resist the temptation to put all of them in social networks


5. It will be scary to carry the baby in her arms

This creation is so small and fragile that even scared to hold him in my arms. Moreover, you will be afraid that the child about something hit


5. You will have to help the child to get rid of mucus with a special nasal aspirator

When your baby is bad, you do it for the sake of his health.


6. kilometer queue at children’s clinics

We’ll have to spend a lot of time and nerves, to get to the child’s pediatrician


7. Mountains of dirty linen.

It is necessary to wash and iron more often, not only because it has a new family member, but also because the baby spit up often likes to parents


8. Lack of sleep

Now, each hour of restful sleep is worth its weight in gold


9. The breath of the child during sleep

You will constantly bring the palm to face the child and to check whether he is breathing


10. The word “son” or “daughter”

Now you will have man, you’ll be called a son or daughter. Just an incredible feeling!


11. Do you want to buy the most beautiful sliders

The main thing – to stop in time and do not become shopaholics the slide.


12. The difficult decisions

We’ll have to make a decision: to awaken the child to change his diaper, or not to change a diaper and give the baby to sleep.


13. Large bags

Whenever you are thinking for a walk with the baby, or somewhere else, you will need to collect the bag, which will be more like a marching backpack.


14. The child’s confidence

Even if you trust the kid person to grow 12 children, you will still experience


15. Have a baby – so decide on something to your heart now and forever to walk around outside your body


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