Trying out Merries and Moony diapers.

There are so many reviews on Merries diapers on the internet, so I want to compare the most popular Japanese diapers – Merries and Moony diapers. If you want to test any of them I will try to help you.
I have tried bot and my sympathy goes to Moony diapers and I want to describe why:
I want to attract your attention to the inner surface of diapers, it is the softest of any I have ever used for my baby. I think that it is softer than in Merries diapers, but it is also made from cotton.
Moony diapers don’t provoke allergic reaction despite my daughter has very sensitive skin and we had problems with it earlier.
Moony diapers have the indicator that shows how full the diaper is. It is very convenient for parents.
Moony diapers have tapes with the best fixation that is rather important if you prefer tape diapers. They won’t be unhooked until you don’t do it.
Moony diapers are really beautiful. In my opinion, it is very important for babies (especially for girls) to wear beautiful diapers.
I have noticed some negative sides too, for instance:
Japanese diapers are undersized, so you have to take it into account while choosing an appropriate size, because for the first time I have bought the size according to the weight but diapers were less than I needed.
Moony diapers never leak from the legs area, but sometimes when the baby sleeps they leak from back side. Moony diapers have an elastic band but it is not tight enough.
We have been using Merries diapers as well. They are very similar to Moony diapers.
They don’t become wet even when the diaper is full.
Merries diapers are also soft, but not so soft as Moony diapers.
Merries diapers have a great advantage – they draw in soft poo without leaving anything what can irritate your baby.
Merries diapers have the tightest elastic bands that prevents any chance of leakage.
Merries’ tapes are as good as Moony’s tapes.
From negative sides I have emphazied that Merries diapers have scent which Moony diapers don’t have.
Sometimes the relief of the material the diaper made from is imprinted on baby’s botty.
Both brands Merries and Moony offer qualified product but each of them has disadvantages. Our favourite diapers are Moony but often we buy Merries as well. The choice of the diapers is up to you!
Speaking about the prices, some people consider Japanese diapers overpriced but if we refer to math and calculate expanses for Japanese diapers in comparison with expanses for common diapers (Pampers, Libero, etc), you will see that the price is the same. The thing is that Japanese diapers are offered only in big packs.

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