Switching to Moony Nappies Made Our Baby Happy.

IMG_6501When my wife was pregnant I thought I was totally prepared for everything that came with being a parent. I had read books and done research and talked to other parents and felt like I knew everything I could know. Of course, any parent reading this knows just how wrong I was, because no one is ready for having a child and you only get good at it by actually doing it, making all kinds of mistakes, losing sleep, and trying your best. Buying the wrong diapers was one mistake we quickly corrected after a friend enlightened us to the benefits of Moony nappies.

My first reaction was “Wow, that’s so soft!” From what I hear that’s everyone’s first reaction because the diapers most of us buy aren’t made with the same level of care for the baby’s comfort. It’s almost always about keeping the cost as low as possible above everything else, which I understand. What I know now is that it’s worth it to me to prevent diaper rash, skin irritation, and all the crying that comes with that, which is why we’re now a Moony nappies household as long as we’re going to have kinds that need to be in diapers.

If they were just soft they wouldn’t be worth much, but they’ve been designed to cater to every need a baby might have in a nappy. The absorbent layer is amazing in its ability to soak up a considerable amount of pee and not overflow or rest against the baby’s skin. In fact, it’s almost stunning how dry the inner layer of cotton is. I can’t remember a time when we woke up to our baby in a wet diaper. It’s full of pee, of course, but it’s not noticeable to him, which is all that matters. The elastic around his waist is at the perfect tension level to keep the diaper on but not exert excess pressure on his stomach and create any level of discomfort, which can be a problem in other diaper brands. Switching to Moony pants was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made and I can’t recommend highly enough that you do the same.

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