Use Merries – no problems.

Trying out almost the whole range of the diapers provided in our supermarkets, I had no idea what is better for my baby. Having done a little research on this field, I have noticed many positive reviews on Merries diapers. It is Japanese brand and I didn’t doubt about my choice, because if something is made in Japan, it is probably high qualified. Merries diapers are awesome – soft, transpiring, with superb absorbency. I want to discuss all in the details.

First of all, front side of the diapers has fullness indicator, a yellow line of it gradually becomes blue while the diaper becomes full. It is very convenient for parents because they can check the time when the diaper should be changed. Moreover, the diapers have a fantastic design for children!

The back side of the diapers have wide shirring on the waist, because of it the diaper perfectly fits baby’s body and doesn’t sink down the botty.

Merries tape diapers have rather long tapes, the tapes’ colour differ from the diaper colour that helps to notice them very fast. The most important is that they are fixed and don’t unhook themselves.

The inner layer of the diapers is extra thin, breathing and it is sodden with E vitamin. Of course, it helps to avoid diaper rash and reddening even without using any cream under the diaper.

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