Merries – the best choice for babies!

I don’t want to belaud Japanese diapers for hundred more times but they really worth it! We started buying Merries diapers at once when our baby was born. Actually I can hardly remember why I had chosen exactly this trademark but after that we hadn’t tried something else. We were and are totally satisfied with them, taking into account our baby’s comfort and materials the diapers made from.

The thing was that the summer, when our daughter was born, was too hot. At this time she was only 3 months old. At this age babies suffer from diaper rush and hot weather aids it. I tried not to wear diapers but it was almost impossible because the baby could spend maximum an hour without a diaper and then I had to wear diaper again. This period was rather hard either for me or for my daughter and Merries diapers helped us because my daughter felt comfortable wearing Merries diapers.

Our daughter was a fine baby that’s why we were confused about diapers’ size. It was the only problem because while testing different size for our daughter, we spent a big sum of money. Nevertheless, when we had found an appropriate size, we forgot about any problems. While searching for our size and testing different models, I have investigated one more important thing – Merries diapers don’t leakage. At all!

We have also tried Merries pants, but we have tried the smallest size when our daughter was too small. I didn’t understand at that moment why they are considered convenient because changing the diaper soft poo appear on the legs of your baby… Actually pants diapers better fit older babies. Merries diapers are the best choice for little botties, my daughter adored them.

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