Moony Nappies Solved Our Skin Irritation Problems.

DSCF2167We first turned to Moony nappies when we were struggling with skin irritation issues with our daughter. Every morning she would wake up with a wet diaper – though she wouldn’t cry during the night to have it changed – and as a result her skin would be irritated, which led to a cranky baby for the start of every day. Even setting an alarm in the middle of the night to change her didn’t make much of a difference. A friend that had gone through the same issue recommended we check out the nappies that Moony makes and said it would be worth getting them from Japan because they were better.

A little skin irritation isn’t going to ruin a baby’s life, but it was worth looking into new diapers and we’ve been thrilled ever since. I was delighted to discover that the Moony nappies really do stay dry all night and her skin is perfect in the morning because the pee has been pulled away. They use a layer of gel that is specially designed to absorb the pee and keep it away from the soft cotton that rests against the baby’s skin. It holds until morning and because of the high waist and smart design we’ve never experienced leakage, even when she fills the diaper to the brim.

At first I thought we might just use them for overnight or when we’re going out for a long day, but truthfully we use the Moony nappies all the time now because they’re better. There’s an indicator strip that is yellow when the diaper is dry and turns blue when it’s time to change it. I know that seems kind of silly, but it actually makes a difference. They’re designed to be thin so when you first put them on they almost look like underwear, which is great. That puffy look of most diapers can be a bit limiting for the baby.

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