Moony Nappies Saved My Baby from Bad Diaper Rash.

Diaper-RashIrritated skin is something most parents of babies deal with. It’s largely unavoidable, but with our daughter it moved from irritation to diaper rash to repeated yeast infections. I don’t want to gross anyone out, but it happens. As we learned, all yeast needs is a warm, wet place to grow and it can get out of control. The doctor told us she’s prone to these infections and that the diapers we were using were a likely culprit in making them worse. After all, what’s wetter and warmer than the inside of a baby’s diaper after she’s gone pee? That’s when we made the switch to Moony nappies.


We asked friends for their recommendations and spent a fair amount of time online reading reviews and write-ups about various diapers. We had been using Pampers and even the more expensive versions weren’t getting the job done. It was after reading the relentless positive reviews of Moony nappies that we decided to take the plunge and order a package of 56. We figured if they worked then it would be worth the price and we haven’t stopped ordering them since.


I know everyone says this, but it really is remarkable how soft the Moony nappies feel. It’s a huge difference compared to the Pampers and I have to imagine it feels so much better for our baby. Most importantly, they do a great job of keeping her dry. After reading online I learned that they use a special gel that absorbs and holds the pee to keep it away from her body and the layer of soft cotton that rests against her skin, keeping it nice and dry. It’s still warm, but the yeast infections are gone now because there’s no wetness for the bacteria to thrive in. The months of crying and misery are a thing of the past and now it’s pure joy with our daughter. That’s the kind of happiness you can’t put a price on, though I gladly pay for the most of Moony pants to see her happy.

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