Moony Nappies Let Us Sleep through the Night.

y4Sleep is a precious commodity when you’re the parent of a baby. At first there’s little hope of sleeping through the night unless you have the benefit of a full time nanny or a grandparent taking on the task of caring for the child, but that’s a rare treat. Eventually you get to a point where you can expect to get something close to a full night’s sleep, but for us it just wasn’t happening because our baby kept waking up because his diaper was full of pee and it was making him uncomfortable. That’s when we started searching for a better solution and found Moony nappies.

It was an online search that led us to this wondrous product. We read reviews and though it actually seemed hard to believe that a nappy could let our child sleep through the night without feeling


uncomfortable, it’s turned out to be the best thing we could have done for him. I don’t know the science of how they’ve developed these nappies, but I do know that he can fill it overnight and it’s designed to pull the liquid away from his body and store it without leakage. Somehow he stays dry while the nappy is full of his pee. It’s the most amazing thing in the world.

What’s most important is the Moony nappies allow all of us to get a good night’s sleep, at least on most nights. Sometimes he still wakes up crying because he’s a baby, but it’s never because he’s feeling wet and uncomfortable. We wake up in the morning and change him and we can’t believe how wet he is. Plus, the mild issues he used to have with skin irritation have completely disappeared. It’s the most amazing thing and we’re forever grateful to Moony nappies for helping us with this.

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