Moony Nappies Are Stunningly High Quality.


best baby nappeisWe were a Pampers household from the time of our son’s birth, mostly because we picked the brand at the store that seemed decent and was reasonably priced. We went through the same issues it seems like almost everyone does with the blowouts, middle of the night screaming fits from a wet diaper, leakage, diaper rash, and more. I was under the impression that every parent suffered from those issues, at least until I got a package of Moony nappies as a present from a friend. I thought, like most people would, that it was a strange gift, but then my son started wearing them and I discovered it was the best gift ever.

I can’t really tell you why, but Japan produces far higher quality nappies than anywhere else in the world. Moony is one of the top brands in the country and there’s good reason for that as they are exceptionally well made and solve so many of the issues we suffered from. Since he started wearing the Moonys my son hasn’t had a single blowout because they’re made to contain even the largest of baby poops and they do a great job of pulling it away from his skin so he doesn’t suffer any irritation issues if I don’t notice he needs to be changed right baby nappeis

There hasn’t been any pee leakage either because the fit is so much better and there’s a pocket in the back that expands when he fills it, keeping the liquid away from his skin and also keeping it from dripping out onto the floor and making a mess all over our house. Thanks to the extreme softness of the material he doesn’t get rashes any more either and he seems much happier, which I’m pleased with.

There’s no problem if you want to stick with Pampers or a comparable brand, but you’re missing out on something great by not at least trying Moony pants. For me, the most noticeable thing has been a relief of the many stresses that come from diaper issues. I can say my son has experienced the same thing as he seems so much happier and his crying fits have lessened. We’ve been loyal customers ever since we made the change and it’s been a worthwhile decision.

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