Merries Nappies Made All the Difference for My Baby.

IMG_6132Like most parents, when it came time to shop for nappies I went with the brands I had seen relentlessly advertised on television. After hundreds of commercials for Pampers and Huggies had lodged those brands in my brain I didn’t really give it a second thought. I remember thinking, “They’re just nappies, right? How different could they be?” When it turns out your baby has sensitive skin the right brand of nappies can make a huge difference.

After months of rashes, crying, and sleepless nights it was time to make a change. I went online in search of information and after reading forums, review websites, and customer feedback at web shops, we found Merries nappies. They’re made by a Japanese company but they ship all around the world because people have fallen in love with them and now I can say that I’m included in that group. I was a little skeptical of all the glowing reviews people had written online, but after using them for the past six months I’m among the supporters.

It shouldn’t be surprising that intricate design work goes into making nappies, but I confess I was still a little shocked to see the advancements Merries has made over Pampers. Instead of having to check the diaper constantly to see if it’s full, I just have to look at the indicator strip that changes colors when it reaches the point of needing to be changed. The design enhancements they’ve implemented prevent leakage and have eliminated diaper rash for my son, which makes all our lives so much better. I’m constantly amazed at how even when he’s filled his nappy with pee it still manages to stay dry thanks to the absorbent material and that amazing design.

We’re sticking with Merries nappies for the long haul. We’ll upgrade to the pants when he gets a little older, and if we have a second child she’ll use Merries too because they’re incredible and they’ve genuinely made our lives better. I had a hard time understanding that a baby might be annoyed, sad, mad, or generally uncomfortable with bad nappies, but now I know and I’m glad I made the change.

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