Merries diapers and Pampers Active Baby comparison.

I have 3 children and I want to share my experience regarding diapers with you. For a very long time I have been using Pampers Active Baby diapers. I was satisfied with them. Of course, I had such problems as diapers rashes, irritations, and my baby hated wearing diapers, but these diapers were better than all the others. Then my friend shares her opinion about Merries Diapers. We have tried them and since that time I don’t have any problems.

I want to compare Merries diapers with Pampers Active Baby Diapers according to the following criteria:


Comparing Pampers diapers to Merries diapers, Merries have much better absorbency. When I used Pampers diapers, I changed the diaper up to 8 times per day, first of all because they became too heavy of pee and the diapers didn’t draw in soft poo at all, consequently, my baby suffered from painful irritation.Merries diapers are light even if the fullness indicator shows that the diaper is full. When I change the diaper I don’t feel that my baby’s botty is wet, thus he feels dry and comfortable. As for soft poo, almost everything is drawn in the diaper, not troubling my baby.

Inner layer:

Merries diapers have the best material for diapers. I can’t even compare it with Pampers diapers because I see the result on the skin of my baby. Inner surface is soft and breathing, so greenhouse effect does not appear and provoke diaper rash. Here I want to praise Merries diapers for their form because they don’t disturb my baby’s movements.

The inner layer is sodden with E vitamin, it cares for baby’s skin, preventing from irritations.

Fullness indicator:

Merries diapers have fullness indicator on the front-side, Pampers diapers don’t have it at all. Frankly speaking, it was the first thing I have noticed and sympathized. I couldn’t imagine how convenient it is! I have forgotten the feeling when I worried whether my baby felt comfortable or not, now I always control it. Merries diapers have three yellow lines, when they become blue – the diaper is full.


Design of the diapers for me doesn’t play a vital role and it doesn’t affect my choice of the diapers brand. Both Merries and Pampers diapers are colourful and funny. My older babies prefer Merries design because they can choose one themselves.

To sum up, the results of my experiments are as follows:

  • Merries diapers have better absorbency than Pampers Active Baby diapers, staying light and dry
  • Merries diapers have a fullness indicator, Pampers diapers don’t have such tool
  • The inner layer of Merries diapers are softer than one of Pampers diapers, and the material are sodden with E vitamin that takes care for baby’s tender skin
  • Merries diapers allow the baby’s skin breathing and avoiding diaper rash, Pampers diapers have less breathing ability, provoking irritations
  • Merries diapers fully draw in pee and soft poo in comparison with Pampers diapers, thus letting economize diapers and guarantying baby’s comfort.
  • Pampers diapers are cheaper than Merries diapers.

It is my experience and my opinion. May be you won’t agree with me, but my choice if Merries, that’s for sure!

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