Merries are highly-qualified diapers!

I highly appreciate my baby’s health, that’s why I always choose the best product for her, probably as all mums do, and my choice is Merries!

Choosing diapers for my daughter I have read many reviews on several trademarks, then we have tested the most popular diapers and understood that the best variant is Japanese diapers.

I have noticed that almost all diapers had such problem as leakage but after trying Merries diapers I have forgotten about this problem. Another surprise for me was that they draw in soft poo as well, thus if I don’t have an opportunity to change the diaper right now, I’m sure that my baby feels comfortable. The only problem I found is frequent fakes.

As for the price, I don’t consider it as disadvantage. First of all, quality is always more important than the price, considering the fact that such quality is not found anywhere else. Moreover, when I buy big pack, the price is equal to other diapers’ brands.

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