Japanese diapers Merries or Moony ?

I have tested all the diapers brands provided on the market, but after I have bought Merries diapers for once, I didn’t want to buy anything else. According to the correlation – price/ quality I have selected two brands Merries and Moony diapers. These two brands have rather similar characteristics, in my opinion they are almost the same, and the price is almost the same as well.

I think that the only disadvantage that one can find in these diapers is the price. Some people may consider Merries and Moony diapers are overpriced, but they have to be tried out!

Merries diapers prevent from leakage and draws in a great amount of liquid thus I use 3-4 Merries diapers per day, considering soft poo it is a great result for diapers. One diaper is enough for the whole night, my son feels comfortable and I don’t worry about his comfort. Using Merries and Moony diapers I get used to change the diaper just because my baby has been wearing it for a long time, but fullness indicator is ¾ full. The most important fact is that the fullest diaper is so light! It doesn’t irritate my baby and he can play and walk without any discomfort.

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