Japanese diapers – leaders of the market.

Why is everybody hung up on Japanese diapers? Do they really worth it or people just want to be on trend?! I will try to answer questions about the most popular on the basis of my own experience!

How do Japanese diapers differ from common diapers?

Diapers are chosen according to the specific criteria and there are always many resons why one trademark is better than another one, the most common criteria is absorbemcy, absence of irritations and diaper rash on baby’s skin, softness and dryness of the inner layer, the absence of leakage and comfort for baby. However, all these factors might be examined only trying out these or those diapers. I have noticed that all Japanese diapers are so soft, the feeling that they are made from pure cotton. Of course, it is not pure, but in the material contents cotton is included.

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