How to Choose Between Merries and Moony Nappies.

11933441_1672824939603393_1502878341595673843_nPay attention to reviews from moms and dads around the world and it becomes obvious that both Merries and Moony nappies are a cut above the rest. They’re a world apart from brands like Pampers and Huggies and they even stand above higher quality diapers thanks to their dedication to excellent design and the use of high quality materials to construct a nappy that makes babies and toddlers comfortable and happy. However, there are a few differences between the two brands and depending on your child’s needs you’ll want to make different choices.

For a child with exceptionally sensitive skin, Moony nappies are the best choice. Both brands are made with softer materials than a typical brand, but the Moony nappies are designed with the needs of kids with sensitive skin in mind. They feel exceptionally smooth and the difference between them and a cheaper brand is truly 11225294_1072695302782570_4537872158482978502_nremarkable. Once you’ve felt it you’ll wonder why you were ever using anything else for your child because the comfort level is incredible. Both brands feature an infusion of vitamin E in the fabric to soothe the skin, so if your child’s sensitivity is fairly normal both will do a wonderful job of warding off diaper rash.

Merries nappies are ideal for a child that produces a higher volume of pee as they’re exceptionally absorbent. Both brands do a good job of this, of course, but if you’ve been dealing with overflows you might consider the Merries brand to make this a non-issue. It’s especially helpful for parents that have had trouble sleeping through the night because they’re woken up repeatedly needing to change. Most parents that have made the switch report that their child now sleeps through the night. The Merries nappies have a specially-designed pocket that expands to fill with pee and keep it away from the child’s body to ensure dryness and comfort all night long without needing to worry about spilling.

The truth is that you can’t go wrong with either Merries or Moony nappies when compared to a typical store bought brand. They’re a little more expensive, but the extra cost is worth is when you see what a difference it makes for your child. Consider your needs and choose the brand that best fits them.

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