How Moony diapers improved the situation after Pampers Premium Care using.

best baby nappiesAfter disappointment in Pampers Premium care diapers, I have been looking for the alternative for a long time. I bought many different brands, read a great number of reviews and finally we have bought Moony diapers because they were advised by many people. Frankly speaking, I didn’t believe in their magic ability of absorbency and breathing material and my expectation were wrong!
The first advantage that I have noticed was a special opening in a pack that helps to take diapers out.
As for design, I didn’t like it. They differ from common diapers, they are not colourfull, their appearance doesn’t attract attention at all. However, Moony nappies are so soft and the material is so pleasant for baby’s skin. Another advantage of Moony pants is the absence of scent. It is vital for me because my baby suffer from allergic reactions.
Moony diapers have convenient elastic bands in the front and back sides, so the diaper doesn’t slide down.
When I used the diaper for the first time, tapes surprise me, I thought they wouldn’t fix the diapers, but these tapes have a great fixation. I don’t remember that the diapers were unhooked, considering the fact that my daughter is too active.
The most pleasant for me was Moony diapers’ absorbency. One diaper for night is enough for my baby, after the usage of the diaper, the skin is dry and clean, without any reddening and irritation.
Many thanks to those people who advised me Moony diapers.

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