First impression of Moony diapers.

Spice_16_03_2014__1394926923_22993Today I want to share my impression by Japanese diapers Moony, M size (6-11 kg). One pack includes 62 items. Moony were a real discovery for me! They are so soft! I liked that the diapers are divided – for boys and for girls (pink and blue line on the diapers). They have convenient form for the baby’s body, thus letting the diaper perfectly fit baby. Also elastic bands on the waist are never imprinted on baby’s tender skin.

Special thanks that Moony diapers are equipped with such a brilliant tapes which are also soft but they are not suddenly unhooked.

Also, Moony diapers have a great absorbency and there is a fullness indicator on each diaper.

The material of the diaper are breathing in comparison with all the other diapers that we have used(e.g. Pampers). It was a surprise for me that after night-time, the skin of my baby is dry and tender, there is not any diapers rash on it.

My baby is active and happy wearing Moony diapers, he can freely crawl and play. I can compare with other brands and Moony diapers are the best for me and my baby!

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