Comfort and Quality Make Merries Nappies Our Choice.

1446744949_52Those of you that have children with relatively flat bottoms know that a nappy without an elastic waist can be a real problem. Add pee to it and suddenly they’re sagging and sometimes even falling down entirely, which can be quite a mess and is unpleasant for our daughter at the very least. She got to the point where she was complaining about it regularly, which is why we sought out a solution and came to Merries nappies.

The problem with most elastic waist nappies is that they tend to be too tight and can be uncomfortable for the child. They often leave marks because they fit so snugly, which is usually a result of bad design or an unwillingness to invest in the right materials on the part of the manufacturer. Merries nappies have no such issues and I often find myself thinking that they’ve designed a perfect diaper for my daughter.


It’s not all about the elastic waist, of course. They’re also stunningly soft as the cloth-like material was specifically engineered to feel perfect against her skin and keep her free of irritation. This works because the material pulls the moisture away from her skin and stores it in a second layer that can expand as large as it needs to go to ensure she never feels her pee. That lets her sleep through the night and go without irritation when we’re on car trips or out for the day when it would be more difficult to change her.


She can move around easily in the Merries pants because of their superior fit and now that she’s starting to use her legs for everything it’s a blessing. No matter how much she bounces, jumps, and scurries around the house her diaper stays on and there’s no need to worry about leakage. It’s never fun when there’s a mess trailing her around and we don’t have to stress about that anymore. That’s why we always buy Merries for her.

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